About Us

Making Meaning is a ground-up community initiative based in Singapore. We hope to bridge the gap between non-profits and creatives (like designers and writers) through skills-based volunteering opportunities.


We are a forum style platform that faciliates the listing of ad-hoc design projects that community members can respond to. 


Currently, our community has over 200+ creative members and 50+ non-profit members and these numbers are constantly growing.


Whether you’re a non-profit or creative, join us on this journey! We’d love to have you on board.

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Why design

for non-profits?

Because non-profits are all about people, design helps you put them front and centre of everything you do. Simplify processes or tell stories better, with the help of these services:


Digital & Graphic Design

Find a better way to communicate information to your audience.


Experience &

Service Design

Look at the journey the people you work with go through and how to improve it.


Branding & Copywriting

Make a strong and memorable impression on the hearts and minds of the public. 

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