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Making Meaning is a ground-up community initiative that supports creatives who want to do meaningful work.

Because there's so many things to worry about in our everyday lives, sometimes doing good can be difficult.

However, we believe that understanding the real value of design and using it to make change is a positive step towards understanding your role as a designer and finding meaning in your work.

By sharing education on healthy work culture, resources for personal growth and skills-based volunteering opportunities, we hope to empower people to consciously think about the value of design for good.

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Understand the value design can bring to your community

Because non-profits are all about people, design helps you put them front and centre of everything you do. Our volunteers don't just make things look good, they help you reach out to a wider audience by making people sit up and pay attention to what you have to say. They help you bring delight to your beneficiaries or share educational messages so the community is informed.

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Find out more about the creative process

It's normal and totally okay to not have experience with working with a creative. But before you dive in to recruit a volunteer, understanding the effort, time and process it takes to work on a project is essential to create a great working experience for both of you. Mismatched expectations can lead to misunderstandings or conflict (which we hope to avoid as far as possible!).

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Collaborate, not command

We understand that as an organisation, you may have something very specific in mind for a project. But because our volunteers are using their personal time to support your work, we hope you will respect them as a professional and give them creative freedom wherever possible to help ideate and create collaborative work that they can also be proud of. While they are volunteering out of goodwill, we appreciate your support in ensuring they are not taken advantage of.

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