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Long-Term Relationship?

If you're a designer who'd love to volunteer with a single organisation on a more regular basis, these charities are looking for designers to come on board to help out with ad-hoc work.

If you're a charity who'd like to be listed here, write in to us! If you just have a short ad-hoc project, do post it on the Project Board instead.

Campus Impact

CampusImpact was founded in 2006 to address the needs of youths who are undergoing a transitional phase in their lives, and are beginning to define who they are. 

The young person stands at the centre of everything we do at CampusImpact. Thus, through working with schools, grassroots leaders, partner organisations, families in the community, as well as the youths themselves, we seek to provide each student who walks through our doors with the best possible chance at success. Our goal is to help 500 students complete their secondary school education over the next 5 years.