Volunteering for All the Right Reasons

For non-profit organisations and communities, there's a million things to worry about everyday as they work to address urgent social needs.

That's why we started a community of creative volunteers to help bring some insight and design expertise to the people who need it most.

However, working low/pro-bono is a very delicate matter for many of us. We want to help out, but we may face some mental barriers.

The myth that volunteering creatively de-values design stems from poor past working relationships and traumatic experiences of random people asking us to do things for "exposure". We know designing for NPOs may not be easy, but neither is any other volunteer role. However the reason they keep going is to give back to others, especially now when everyone needs more support than ever.

If it's your first time volunteering, here are some simple guidelines to help you ensure you donate your time in a healthy, sustainable way, for all the right reasons.

Know Your Intention

A. Help a cause you care about

B. Donate time and skills instead of cash

C. Volunteer a service that’s impactful and useful to the community

Set Expectations Before You Begin

Agree on:

  • No. of hours & Deadlines

  • Rounds of edits

  • Amount of creative freedom

  • Know you will be approving your artwork

  • Clarify the brief

  • Ensure you’re confident of the scope

Remember Your Value

You’re giving back to the community by sharing a valuable service. It’s no different from being a volunteer cook, befriended, coach, packer or fundraiser. Sharing your skills does not mean de-valuing them. Quite the opposite in fact!

If you're a creative with skills and time to spare, we would love for you to join us! Simply create a profile on our website, and respond to projects you're interested in. Your help can go a long way to impact the community ❤️