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How to Write a Creative Brief

Since starting this platform, we've noticed that many non-profits may be unsure about how to best explain the help they need. If you're facing the same problem, here's some simple tips on how to ensure you and your creative are on the same page.

As a creative, ensuring you're always clear on these few things before embarking on a project will definitely save you time, stress and tears further down the line. If the brief is unclear, always clarify!


1. Introduce

What’s your organisation or community? What services do you provide? Who’s your target audience? (Beneficiaries, General Public, Kids, Donors, etc)

Starting off with some background about what you do is always helpful. It frames the conversation and gives important context to the information you’ll be providing later in the brief.

2. Describe

What’s your expectations? How much content and work is involved? Include specifications if you have them. (No. of pages/words, dimensions, etc.)

Being clear and upfront with requirements from the very beginning ensures your management and designer are on the same page as you. Remember, changing the brief halfway is inconsiderate, and leading your volunteer on a wild goose chase is not the best use of their time and skills. If you can, share with your creative how many rounds of consolidated edits you’ll need.

If you already have something in mind, share examples of past works or references so they can get on the same page.

3. Explain

Share why you need help with this and what you hope to achieve. How will the help impact others positively?

By sharing the positive impact their help will make, volunteers can make a personal connection with your project and will feel a stronger urge to offer their services. It really helps to think about how design can help make a difference beyond looking good.

4. Conclude

Include a rough time frame or deadline for the project. If you have a small budget for the project, let volunteers know more about the token or low-bono rate you’re able to offer.

Once you have chosen your volunteer, share with them materials like brand guidelines, an image library or content they will need for the project before they commence work.


By following these 4 tips, you’ll be writing and concise and crystal-clear creative briefs that will help align everyone working on the project. Although it might seem like a lot to think about, ironing out the details in the beginning is a must-do that you won’t regret.

Download our free creative brief template here.

Happy writing!


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