6 Ways Volunteering Changes You

Want to convince your team to volunteer creatively or still on the fence yourself? Here's a few reasons with why doing so can help boost inspiration and keep you falling in love with what you do, over and over again.

1. Get a chance to let your creative juices flow!

Volunteering can be a good opportunity to get creative, especially if your day job doesn't give you much wiggle room to express yourself. If experimentation is your goal, projects for smaller ground-up initiatives or non-profits in the arts & culture scene might be a good bet.

2. See your work make an impact in small & big ways.

Maybe an emailer you did brightened up someone's inbox, or a campaign graphic you worked on inspired a donor to make a contribution. Whether your impact is big or small, it still counts towards a happier, more progressive community.

3. Support a cause you care about.

Passionate about issues like Women's Rights or Environmentalism? Help organisations tackling these problems create infographics and posters that'll help to educate others on topics that make the fire inside you light up.

4. Meet new amazing & inspiring people!

When volunteering your skills, it's inevitable that you'll meet many more lovely volunteers along the way, who are also giving their time and efforts for a bigger cause. Build relationships and friendships with others who share the same goals as you.

5. Become better at what you do.

As they say, practice makes perfect. Take the initiative to get out there and grab opportunities to do work that will help you grow as a creative. Whether its doing a spot of writing on the weekends or designing posters in your spare time, these little actions add up.

6. Find your purpose.

The creative industry can be a dark, soul-sucking place some times. You work so hard, burning midnight oil to get work to your clients who have seemingly endless piles of comments that never seem to stop. But before you get jaded, it alway helps to remember why you decided to do design in the first place.