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As a non-profit , there's a million things to worry about everyday as you work to address urgent social needs.


While design is probably the last thing on your mind, it can help you reach out to potential donors, volunteers and beneficiaries, as well as create a better experience for all of them.

How can design

help you?

Because non-profits are all about people, design helps you put them front and centre of everything you do. Simplify processes or tell stories better, with the help of these services:

Great! Let's get started. Which of these are you?

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Finding it tough for your non-profit organisation, community or ground-up initiative to raise awareness in Singapore?

Find designers willing to help you create PSAs for your social media, design you a better website, or run a problem-solving workshop with you, pro/low bono!

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Are you still hunting for that elusive thing called "Meaning" in your job that's leaving you feeling burnt out and worn down?

Take a chance to use your skills to help local non profits make the world better for others, with our virtual volunteer opportunities.

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